Jamie Guined, LAUNCH Founder, named Commander

Jamie Guined, LAUNCH Founder, was recently named Commander of Crew 138 of the Mars Desert Research Station by the Mars Society.  Guined, along with five other analog astronauts, will complete a two-week Mars simulation at the analog habitat March 15-29, 2014.  Stay tuned for additional updates as Crew 138 begins to undertake preparations and training for their mission.


Seeking Members for Spaceflight Fitness Specialist Board of Certification

LAUNCH is looking to recruit a few professionals who would be interested in serving on the Board of Certification for the LAUNCH Spaceflight Fitness Specialist credential. Interested parties should have experience from one or more of the following areas of practice: 1) aerospace physiology 2) aerospace medicine 3) spaceflight human factors 4) exercise science 5) clinical exercise physiology 6) neuroscience 7) cardiology 8) environmental physiology 9) psychology 10) therapeutic exercise and/or medical fitness. If you meet one or more of the above qualifications and are interested in learning more, please email Serious inquiries only, please.